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Do you have a cash flow problem? Use your Gold jewelry as collateral to meet your cash flow problems.

It is like going to a bank for a loan but without having to go through the painstaking processes of banks or cash loans. With us the process is so much quicker, simpler and confidential.

We can lend you up to 100% of the evaluated value on the item you wish to pledge. Your item will be kept in a safe and secure place for the duration of the loan period which is normally 30 days. Although you have 30 days to pay the loan, you can redeem your item at any time during the loan term by paying the loan amount together with the finance fees. You may extend the loan by another 30 days by paying the finance fee for that month.

Why Gold Loan:

  •     It’s quick and easy
  •     We are genius because of experience.
  •     No bank statements
  •     No pay slips
  •     No credit checks
  •     No personal balance sheets
  •     Up to 100% of the value of the pledge
  •     Strictly private & confidential
  •     Instant cash or bank transfer if you prefer
  •     You’re just unlocking the cash in items you own whilst still retaining ownership
  •     There are no monthly payments
  •     No blacklisting or ITC Listing
  •     Ability to borrow again against the same asset

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